My name is Richie Dominos. I’m a professional and *registered freelance English language teacher with 6 years of experience in various language schools in Luxembourg and abroad, specializing in business English and conversational/general English.
~Expert in working with students to prepare them effectively for personal and professional success in today’s society.
~I create a personalized learning plan based on your English level, interests, goals and needs.  
~I’ve  received positive reviews and feedback from my students who reached their learning goals with me.

My Experience 

I have always been interested in teaching. I`m passionate about helping my students reaching their full potential.  Since moving to Luxembourg in 2016, I have been teaching students face-to-face and online (anywhere in the world) from beginner to advanced levels.
Aside from working as a private English Teacher, I also work for several language schools in Luxembourg teaching Business English to professionals in their companies and Conversational/General English to university students and young learners. 
I have offered my services to countless students  who reached out for help. Through my years of experience, I have gained the reputation to guarantee great results, and the skills to get my students to excel in their English skills.


Master of Arts in Education, Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom

Certificate in Media and Technology for Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, United States

Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (PGCEI), Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom          
Certificate in Teaching Business English, The TEFL Institute, Ireland
Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners, The TEFL Institute,  Ireland
TEFL/TESOL Certificate (Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language), International Open Academy, Ireland          
Certificate in American English Pronunciation, Pronunciation Pro, US
Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Norwegian School for Leadership and Theology, Norway                 
Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Southwestern University, Philippines     

Me as a Teacher

As a TEFL teacher, my major goal is to boost your confidence so that you will communicate effectively in every situation. I help students enrich their reading, writing, grammar, speaking, and listening skills in English.
Being a teacher is a rewarding job and you can help people change their lives and really make a difference. On top of that, I`m compassionate, down-to-earth, well-spoken and always striving to be better. I always do my utmost to bring out the best in you.
It takes patience, time, compassion and dedicated practice to become a great English speaker. That said, learning can be fun and interesting! I always make sure that ultimately you enjoy what you are learning.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

My teaching style is a communicative approach which FLUENCY is the primary goal. It allows you to speak 70% during our lessons and 30% for me to correct your mistakes from time to time, guide and assist you in order to make learning English much more meaningful, relevant and effective.
Each of my lessons is designed with the individual in mind and tailored to your learning preferences. In my class, I encourage you to speak a lot and express yourself freely. Don’t worry about making mistakes I’m always here to guide and assist you.
A lesson with me will be fun, engaging, interactive, laid-back and comfortable. In this way, you can learn English with me without feeling intimidated and pressured. Speak to me as you would to a friend. I`ve found that this is best way to learn and improve.