Tailor-Made English Courses - For Businesses and Individuals

Student-Centered Approach
~ Use interactive strategies to keep you motivated and actively engaged in your learning
~ Focus on your needs and goals.
~ Advance your communication skills.
~ Reach your goal faster

LINGUALRICH in Luxembourg

English Courses - For Businesses and Individuals (adults, students, children)

Whether you're a professional looking to advance your career, a company aiming to equip your team with effective communication tools, a student aiming for academic excellence, or  a parent seeking language enrichment for your child,  our dynamic courses are tailored to suit your needs.
From beginner to advanced levels, we've got the perfect blend of learning curated just for you. 

With experienced trainers, interactive lessons, and personalized learning plans, we guarantee a dynamic and engaging educational experience.

English Courses

Tailor-Made Educational Services

General English

Signing up for this course, you will be able to develop your spoken English and become a more confident speaker. Eventually, you will speak freely in your private life.

Business English

Taking part in this business course, you will get familiar with all the language codes which will help you to move around freely in a global business world.

English for Children

Your kids will break a language barrier. They will develop their skills through interactive and fun lessons.

Examination course

Our course guarantees you successful preparation for an exam at a given level of advancement.


What my satisfied students say:

Giulia - General English
I'm very happy about my English lessons with Richie. She has tailored the classes to my needs in order to strengthen my skills in a fast and personalized way. The classes are very useful and I've always spent a good time improving my English. In addition, she makes me feel very comfortable and helps me improve my confidence in my spoken English. I recommend you buy a pack of lessons in order to get more classes for an even cheaper price. My expectations are completely satisfied and fulfilled. As a matter of fact, I’m still having lessons with her and I'll continue learning English with her until I achieve my goal to be fluent in English.
Simone - Business English
Richie is a great teacher, who adapts the program to meet your needs. She helps to improve my English by motivating and inspiring me to speak English and patiently fixing my errors. The lessons with her are very comfortable because of her authentic and very friendly nature. And the best: You can speak with her about any topic - she is very interested and give you much time for speaking by using effective tools. And this improves your English at its best.
Nataliya - English for Kids
I was looking for a teacher who can help my daughter to improve her oral skills. I think Richie's method is very good: she focuses on the student, hears, asks questions, gives an opportunity to find the right answer by yourself, finds tips and helps grow up.
Rafaella - Business English
Being a great tutor is a talent, and Richie definitely possesses it. She is very professional, friendly and committed. Conversations with Richie have helped me a lot to enrich my vocabulary and develop speaking skills and they have been a real pleasure. The most important is that she makes you feel comfortable. I look forward to every session I have with her. I highly recommend Richie to anyone who is looking for a brilliant tutor!